Instructional DVDs on Celestial Navigation, Coastal Piloting,
Sailing, Powerboating, Fishing, Cruising and
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[star] #359: CELESTIAL NAVIGATION FOR THE COMPLETE IDIOT ... A plain English explanation that any half-literate boat nerd will understand. Includes review of coastal piloting techniques; Covers theory and applications. 90 minutes - Also available in PAL format for UK, etc.
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[star] #303: CELESTIAL NAVIGATION -  Sun Noonshot ... Two complete 1-hour lectures. #1 on Theory and the Nautical Almanac; #2 on Sextant Use and a complete Sun Noonshot. Free Worksheet included. 120 minutes - Also available in PAL format for UK, etc.
$29.95 Order item #303              SUN NOON-SHOT WORKSHEET
[star] #203: CELESTIAL NAVIGATION - The Air Almanac ... Use the Horizon System and Intercept Method to shoot the 57 Navigational Stars, Sun, 4 Planets and Moon. Navigate day or night. Official USN training footage. 120 minutes - Also available in PAL format for UK, etc.
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[star] #672: HOW TO IDENTIFY STARS & PLANETS ... It's not hard to recognize the Sun or Moon, but to practice Celestial Navigation properly, you must be able to identify the Stars and Planets too. This program will teach how to do that: it was produced by a world class solo circumnavigator and two former instructors at the U.S. Navy's Surface Warfare Officer School. 50 minutes
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[star] #301: COASTAL PILOTING... Equivalent to 6-week USPS or USCG Aux. evening course. Compass Correcting (T-V-M-D-C), Bow Bearings, Running Fixes, Speed-Time-Distance, Current Diagrams, more. 120 minutes - Also available in PAL format for UK, etc
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[star] #201: USING NAUTICAL CHARTS ... How to Read, Use and Interpret Charts, plus segments on Visual Distress Signals, Useful Knots, Aids to Navigation. Official USCG training footage. 120 minutes
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[star] #394: COAST GUARD LICENSE COURSE ... Learn the items essential for you to get your U.S.C.G. license. Covers exam items from Seamanship to Navigation, Advanced Piloting and much, much more. Perfect companion to our #301 on Coastal Piloting. 60 minutes
$39.95 More Details & Ordering Info #394

SAILING (Beginning thru Advanced) Videos
[star] LEARN TO SAIL BETTER AND FASTER (Get That Extra Knot)...America’s Cup sailor Peter Isler (Dennis Conner's tactician) and other experts show the beginning to intermediate sailor how to get maximum performance from a non-spinnaker production boat. 60 minutes
$29.95 Order item #300 More Details
[star] SAILING IN HEAVY WEATHER...Go offshore aboard a 40 foot sailboat for an exciting look at heavy weather sailing techniques and tactics. Join Steve Dashew and other top sailors as they talk about steering in heavy seas and much more. 68 minutes
$39.95 Order item #380
[star] IMPROVE YOUR SAILING SKILLS... Information needed to help the novice become an expert. Segments on Spinnaker, Sail Trim, Reefing, Draft Control, Anchoring, Tacking & Jibing, Safety and more.
$39.95 #385 More Details & Ordering Info


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